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So, Facebook.

Product Description

A diverse, ever-evolving community. So it stands to reason that owners or developers, both new and seasoned, should have a place where they come together and share. They do. Several places, in fact. Several Facebook Groups.

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Well, as the group name suggests, if you are an advanced store owner or manager. As the About this Section of the group points out, if you are a newbie who has just installed WordPress and WooCommerce and are at a loss as to where to go next, this is not the group for you. Any inspiration or knowledge shared will be based on the more advanced functions and features of WooCommerce. The group has more than 22K members who are willing to answer questions and give directions.

Note that this is not a group for marketing your store or driving traffic to it. The sole purpose of the group is to add value.

The 10 Most Powerful Coupon Code Plugins for WordPress (Free + Premium)

Basically, anyone involved in the WooCommerce world. You are welcome to share ideas as well as ask for support. The biggest of the three specific WooCommerce groups mentioned here, this group has nearly 26K members, and like the others, has been active since To store owners of all skill levels. There is a major difference between this group and the two above.

So there are three excellent WooCommerce groups you should seriously consider joining. Are you limited to joining WooCommerce groups?

Top 4 Best Daily Deal WordPress Plugins for 12222

Absolutely not! This group is about a year and a half old and have 31K members already. As with the others already listed, this is a private group. Having problems with setting up your payment gateway and feeling the need to rip your hair out? You could ask for help in this group.

General Coupon Tab

And when to optimize it. The plugin follows a priority order of:. Also, in case a customer is added to two different groups having two different prices for the same product, the plugin intuitively selects and displays the lesser of the two prices to the customer.

WooCommerce Coupons- Enable and Create Coupon Codes With WooCommerce 2019

The plugin supports both simple and variable products but does not display the discount percentage; the discounted price itself is displayed directly. This feature allows you to add multiple products simultaneously for a given group with the old and the new prices.

Pin on - The Best WP Theme and Plugin in Cheap Price

This saves having to add variable prices for every product separately. Additionally, the plugin has several features like unlimited group-price pairs and easy, bulk import-export of product prices using CSV files. Creating groups with special pricing for your WooCommerce store not only helps you manage members effectively, but also works for targeted marketing. An integrated Group Based Discount functionality encourages your regular customers to be a part of your store and spurs your infrequent visitors to visit more often. Smart coupons, bulk discounts and other incentives are great assets for promoting your products. Do you know of any other plugin that can be effectively used for this functionality?

Examples and Screenshots

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