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  1. Blast sparks fire at Russian laboratory housing smallpox virus
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Blast sparks fire at Russian laboratory housing smallpox virus

In the centre of the science centre is this wide open area. Sometimes temporary or travelling exhibits are installed in the atrium. One day while we were there they had this Imagination Playground pictured below and another they had hula hoops.

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You can also pack a picnic lunch and eat it in the Atrium. The Cafe is on the 2nd floor of the Science Centre and offers typical cafeteria type food. For younger kids, the highlight of the science centre is likely to be the Creative Kids Museum. It is geared towards kids 8 and under.

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We decided to buy our memberships largely due to this area alone. If you have a membership, you can treat this area like an indoor play place and pop in at any time. There is lots of opportunity for kids to learn about science and art through play rather than directed instruction and explanation. More detail about the Creative Kids Museum.

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My kids are still a bit young to get the most out of this area my oldest is 6 but they still find something interesting whenever we are there. Activities include things like making toys and clothes out of recycled materials, painting with light and making animations.

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They also have a workshop section which runs from pm. Kids can learn new skills and work with real tools.

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Recommended for ages 8 and up. Read more about Open Studio. In the Energy and Innovation gallery, there are multiple different centres set up that allow exploration of concepts such as different forms of energy, electrical circuits, potential and kinetic energy, the connections between different forms of energy the role is plays in Alberta and your daily life.

Most of the exhibits require you to read the instructions and play along to get the experiments to work. Here, you can explore concepts such as falling in love, how your body reacts to stress, memories, and emotions. Although all playgrounds help kids learn through play and physical activity, this connection could not be more obvious at the Brainasium.

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The Brainasium is an outdoor park with both playground and classic science centre exhibits for kids to play with and explore. The mayor of Koltsovo said that the laboratory did not contain any disease samples because of ongoing repair work. Russian authorities last month were slow to release information about an explosion at a military testing site that caused a spike in radiation levels in Arkhangelsk region. The blast occurred when a liquid-fuelled rocket carrying nuclear materials exploded, killing at least five people.

Animal Inside Out

Authorities initially denied the incident had occurred and reportedly did not tell local hospital staff that the victims had been exposed to deadly levels of radiation. Russia has not said what the military specialists were working on, although experts have speculated it may be a nuclear-powered cruise missile mentioned by Vladimir Putin last year. In , a researcher died at the complex after accidentally pricking herself with a needle carrying the Ebola virus.

Outbreaks of anthrax and smallpox were caused by Soviet weapons development programmes in the s and subsequently covered up by the government. The Vector institute was threatened by a lack of funding in the s, raising concerns that researchers could sell their expertise or actual biological samples to governments such as Iraq and North Korea. The laboratory also gave training on how to respond to a potential terrorist attack in the s. A weapons cache including grenade launchers reportedly belonging to a mafia group was found near the facility in